Thursday 1 April 2021

Pillars of Eternity: Eder's End

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Dulf leant heavily on his staff as he approached the small town of Gilded Vale, whose main landmark was a great dead tree at its center and upon whose branches were hung human corpses. "Folk Lord Raederic didn't like," explained a pipe smoking man who later introduced himself as Eder.

Corpses as ornaments always makes an impression.

Dulf was greatful that the warrior helped him to the tavern to recover with some hot soup. He was only half way through when a pair of elven mages approached his table, one of whom he recognized from his time at the Thayan arena! "Dulf Ebonbeard, I am glad to see you also escaped that mad man," said Gezzthemin with a sly grin.  

It turns out most of the arena group escaped from Baeloth after the warp and now Gezzthemin and his new wizard friend Aloth were doing adventuring work at the local abandoned temple for some coin and invited Dulf and Eder along. "Come on old man, you'll feel better once you've cast a few spells."

Gezzthemin was a poor liar, but Dulf knew that meant the place was dangerous and thus he and Eder agreed to join the task. Sure enough the place was haunted by malevolent spirits and man sized bats which killed Eder. The three wizard party manages to clear the place out though, and gets a lot of coin in the process.

Insight: Arcane Assault is a cheap, fast and semi-spamable (2 per fight * number of wizards) AoE ability that's useful against clusters of weak enemies.

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