Sunday, 25 April 2021

The Fall

Has a cool story if you can solve the puzzles.

As the AI of an ARID combat suit, your job is to keep your unconscious human pilot alive after a catastrophic fall. While set in a 2D environment there is actually very little platforming, and more simple find the spot puzzle solving combined with easy to grasp combat (obviously you have to fall into a hostile environment).

Your flash light has to be on to "see" things.

What makes it standout though is the story. It is very good and is the main hook that keeps you pushing forward yet is not too long to overstay its welcome. Highly recommended for everyone. I give it three crosses out of five.

Insight: If you are stuck, examine things that are "up". Also, there are some bits where an examinable spot doesn't appear until you discover the clue in game to look there so expect to do a little back tracking. I usually hate back tracking but I'll let it slide here as the areas are relatively small.

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