Tuesday 27 April 2021

Quad-mire: Four Games I'm Skipping

For various reasons...

Creature in the Well

You are a robot who sets out to explore a mysterious and sand swept region and while the art style is really good, don't expect to get any answers unless you are good at PINBALL. What? Yep. They entire game revolves around variations of pinball, with some sections requiring perfect angles and timing. Not the way I expected the game to go, and not one I enjoy.

Pinball... really?

Tales of the Neon Sea

As a grizzled investigator (and his pet cat!) in this futuristic and artfully pixelly city you need to think hard to solve the puzzles ahead of you. I do not exaggerate: while I got past the prologue I immediately got stuck in Chapter 1 which doesn't bode well at all. If you like puzzle games you might enjoy this one, but its not one for me.

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty

As Abe, a mudokin who discovers his race is next on the menu for a meat corporation, you must use your platforming skills to escape and free as many others as you can in the process. This starts out as a pretty fun and funny game and while death is frequent it is inconsequential in the early stages as respawn points aren't too far apart.

Avoiding enemies is key.

This is not so true later on where bigger rooms require multiple sections of death evasion. Coupled with some really poorly designed bats, that just killed the enjoyment altogether.

My Time at Portia

In this RPG / simulator you arrive as a new builder at the titular town, populated by many NPCs you can interact with. You can fight, fish, build stuff, improve your house, etc. but most of the time you will be harvesting resources of one sort or another as the game leans more to the crafting side, which is something I have no interest in.

I wonder what the llamas kill to level...

In addition to that I really dislike how NPCs you talk to move their mouths when the player character is speaking and if I'm going to play a grindy RPG, I may as well grind in my regular MMORPG instead to help my guild, or at the very least any MMORPG with other real people. 


  1. Yeah, the entire point of MTaP is to build things, although fighting does play a part as you have to be able to defend yourself against the nasties where you gather materials. Oh, and the plot eventually demands it too.

    But yeah, the point about the toon vocals not matching the mouth movements? Absolutely dislike that part, as you can tell that the translations from the Chinese did not match the mouth movements much. And that's even before you realize the English translations are off by quite a bit (about 1/4 of the time). At that point I'd have been happier if they'd have just let the toons talk during cutscenes or say certain pat things when you click on them to talk, like when you click on a vendor in an MMO. Oh, and the pathfinding of the NPCs...