Thursday 22 April 2021

Cthulhu: Death May Die - My Heart Will Go On

The beginning of the legend...

A board game session from Cthulhu: Death May Die.

Jack (DL), "the Kid" (mom), Rasputin (Juris) and new hired guns Benchley (me) and Beth (wifey) arrived at the docks of the little port village where Rasputin detected the next cultist disturbance - this one involving human sacrifice! The task is simple: save three elders from house Allen and three from house Marsh by getting them back to the boat.

Benchley, who is actually the psychopath this round, decides to charge right through the cultists, deep ones and monstrous cthonian - clearing the path for his allies to rescue the elders in the vicinity, as well as other Marsh and Allen family members who even in these circumstances can't stop arguing with each other. With them in place, Benchley activates the lighthouse so the ship can go. This summons Cthulhu beside him along with all the other horrors that gave chase!

The Cthonian arguably looks scarier than the elder ones...

He does go crazy a few times to clear a few of the lesser foes, but through sheer luck (and leveling up the toughness skill instead of attack skills this time), he manages to survive long enough for the Kid to arrive and provide cover fire saving him as she cleans up the remaining monsters while Cthulhu flees to the docks to his deep ones.

Beth, Rasputin and Jack are there waiting for him and smack him hard enough to make him flee to the ship  which is about to depart! Rasputin and Jack hop on in pursuit but the ancient one flies into a rage, killing the Allens, Marshes, and crew before eliminating Rasputin (it's ok, he'll get back up) and mortally wounding Jack who was tying the monster down with the anchor chain.

Then from the docks a barrage shots rang out - it was Beth, using her sharp shooting to land headshots on Cthulhu and one last bullet into the boat's fuel line for good measure. The explosion capsized the ship and sent Cthulhu down into the deep with it.

The day and the village is (mostly) saved, and a crispy Rasputin is fished out of the drink sometime later.

MISSION SUCCESS (first try - but very close to defeat time wise)!

Insight: It might not look like it but this map is HUGE, and is made worse since a character can only ferry one elder at a time so get moving and get moving quick!

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