Monday, 13 April 2020

Alita: Battle Angel

In the future, there is only... motorball?

When a female cyborg is reassembled in Iron City she awakens with amnesia, and is given the name Alita (Rosa Salazar) by her repairman. Soon enough she learns that she's quite capable in a brawl and shares the dreams of many to earn the right to go to the floating city of Zalem above where "a better life awaits".

Better chocolate too!

Right off the bat, the CGI is beautiful - it has to be with a main character like Alita - and the plot pacing is on point which kept us glued to the screen the whole time. There are action scenes a plenty (as the title might suggest) though I'm more lukewarm on the hurried romance side of the plot.

Still a good action flick, but be warned - as it follows a manga, its ending leaves you wanting more (a second movie, specifically). I give it 4 out of 5 and would definitely watch it again.


  1. I quite enjoyed this one too and hope for a sequel, though I think I heard it didn't do very well in theaters, so that may be a pipe dream

    1. That makes me kinda sad. :( Hopefully someone picks it up!