Thursday 23 April 2020

FTL: All for One

[Part of the Adventures in Space journal]

As the small pirate fleet prepared to engage the civilian convoy, the Marauder suddenly flew in to intercept them. "Stupid fools," radioed the slaver ship. "Surrender one of your crew and we'll let you leave in peace."

Fricking space pirates and their space flamingos...

"Hell no," was Silverlight's response - followed by a full missile and laser salvo from Rattlesnake. While the enemies manage to deal some damage, the pirates are all vaporized with only the badly slave ship remaining at the end. "Wait! Please, take this tribute of one slave and spare us - they will all die if you destroy our ship anyway!"

Silverlight wasn't happy with it, but it did make sense - so the slavers were allowed to flee after they left Nikola the Engi with them, who helped repair the damage to the Marauder while El Duce accepted more supplies from the civilians they saved. Rattlesnake made use of the downtime by patching up at the infirmary.

With repairs complete they pushed on to the LRB (long range beacon) and as suggested by Nikola, jumped to an Engi controlled sector.

Insight: Power management is a big part of this game, as such turn off the infirmary when you aren't using it!

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