Tuesday 14 April 2020

Into the Breach

It's like chess. With robots.

When giant bugs invade the planet, it is up to a team of mechs to push them away from civilan cities (until the timer runs out)! This turn based pixel game has your units and those of the bugs have unique properties for moving, attacking and moving "other" units. That's the key to most of the game: positioning.

The small play area and turn count obscures the actual difficulty.

Enemies will always telegraph what they are going to do, so its up to you on how to best defend. They don't use many tactics, but there's lots of them and only three of you. I found this to be a very well designed game, and fun too - though better graphics and music would have been nice. Definitely one worth checking out, I give it 2.5 reactors out of 5.

Insight: Protecting the buildings is your priority, even if that means failing secondary objectives or losing mechs.

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