Thursday, 16 April 2020


Not your usual adventure.

As a silly human who falls into the world of monsters, you must escape back to the surface - but it turns out the monsters aren't as bad as they are said to be. Despite the crude graphics, Undertale features great heart, story telling, music, and an option to not kill anything - which is actually way harder than the mass murderer route!

Some enemies are cute!

There are simple puzzles to solve, and a unique fight or not-fight system to get used to and the monsters all have their own desires. Greater Dog is easier to please than Tsundereplane for example. It's a neat little game that I highly recommend, I give it 4 cell phones out of 5.

Insight: Always protect your heart.


  1. If that's what Gnolls look like, everybody would want one!

    1. Exactly! These ones are so friendly too, just throw a stick or pat them on the head once and you no longer need to fight. :)