Friday 10 March 2017

Darkest Dungeon: Scribe Duty

Reports from Darkest Dungeon - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

I hate this place, and I hate Fawadin for making me write this stupid report. The bastard didn't even let me recover my daughter's body for burial! When this is over he and I are going to have to sort things out. Not that we're close to that happening any time soon.

Our glorious leader has began expanding operations to the Warrens, Weald and Cove stretching out our numbers and hoping that the more veteran members would keep the recruits safe. Yeah, right. Caes was run through by the lance of a Hulking Swineotour and Plushie Mostly was devoured in her sleep by a corpse eater worm. Boro was also shanked by a bandit, Rosibeth triggered her last trap, and Eurion was squashed by a piece of falling ruin.

Given the state of the ruin, it's surprising this is such a rare occurrence.

The only good news is that the so-called prophet hiding in the ruins has been dealt with by Ser Sad, MoGG, Catharina and Hawkeye Gough. I am going to insist that I go out with the next group. I can't stay cooped up here forever... no one can. I guess that's why the caretaker is as mad he is.


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