Thursday, 23 March 2017

House Wars III - Hail to the Storm King

Been awhile since my last House Wars entry, which is good, but nature has once again gathered its forces and attacked my home... this time with elemental powers starting with hail! These icey stones are quite pretty, alas apparently they also can make holes in the roof which sucks. Especially if you don't notice right away! Yep, I failed my observation roll.

Pretty... if only they weren't so annoying!

This led to me waking up to a light switch making an odd buzzing noise and was also quite hot to touch. Electricity was arcing behind it; the wires damaged thanks to the leak caused by the incessant rain. To be fair, I did kinda notice the roof getting damp marks earlier, but no roofer I contacted was willing to climb up onto a wet roof in windy conditions. That's suicide apparently.

Hired an expensive electrician to repair the thing and upgrade a few other bits and pieces, lights mainly - but he said we'd need to do something about that leak ASAP.

So we went to the not so local hardware shop, bought rope and tarp, recruited DL's assistance and followed through on my wife's plan to throw the ropes across the roof clear to the other side and yank it from there, removing the need for roof climbing. We needed to increase our throwing skills though, as mine kept falling short of the top (I have a slanty roof). At least I could tug it back down and try again.

DL managed to clear it with his basketball skills, but it wasn't enough to clear the other side. We couldn't pull that one back which meant... roof climbing time! In the windy rain! Yep! I channeled my inner ninja and Spider Joe, equipped with socks and shorts of climbing +2/int -2, was up there in no time and getting the huge tarp in place which my wifey and DL secured down below amidst evil mosquitoes.

I succeeded in my luck roll to not die up there. Now I just need to find someone to fix the damn thing properly.

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