Thursday, 2 March 2017

TESO: The Recruiter

Adventures of Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Following King Jorunn's orders used a wayshrine to get to Daggerfall and was surprised how accommodating they were for foreigners during war time. Have to mention it's a little odd you can warp right into or beside cities who are meant to be at war with each other, but maybe players are just special snowflakes in that regard. Unfortunately the Daggerfall-ians didn't really give me any quests, in fact a small group tried to sacrifice me to a tree dremora. Purified the lot of them with fire.

Deciding I'd need to do gain some positive Covenant reputation first, I took a small skiff out to the isle of Stros M'kai where Redguard Captain Kaleen was recruiting people for a heist and the role of recruiter went to me! After assembling an array of personalities the theft went off without a hitch, and as a bonus was actually done for the King since in proved that the headman on the island was anything but loyal. Kaleen's next stop was the orc outpost of Betnikh, where we convinced them to join the Covenant by aiding them against invading Bloodthorn cultists (who basically are necros with a green thumb twist).

Stros M'Kai is a really pretty place!

The Bloodthorn had been after a powerful and destructive relic and Kaleen's crew was divided on either retaining it for Covenant use, or destroying it. I opted for the former, causing half of my recruited people to leave. Se la vie. Kaleen then sailed us back to Daggerfall where finally the officials were starting to recognize my efforts, giving me hope for this peace accord for King Jorunn.

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