Thursday, 16 March 2017

Darkest Dungeon: Leave Nothing Unchecked

Reports from Darkest Dungeon - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Field Report A85 - Examining the source of reanimation is proving difficult with the equipment available here and the old laboratory is certainly being missed. Resorted to more basic chemistry instead. Accompanied Elizabeth, Gillian and Lee into the ruins earlier where we defeated the Necromancer Lord. Strangely, he like all the other necromancers are also cadavers already, meaning the dead were resurrecting the dead in an endless cycle. His decomposition did not make him immune to the stunning effects of my potions however.

Charming to those she calls.

A beguiling siren at the cove also suffered injuries incompatible with life when Elizabeth, Techno Viking, the "cats" as well as the very creepy Londor Paleshade hunted it down. At the weald, Big Mike led a team comprised of Gwyndolin, Agdan and Catharina to destroy a larger brigand cannon before it could threaten this hamlet. The low morale after the bandit raid has improved greatly after these events. Considering taking up Dr. Shen's offer of trying whatever liquor the local tavern holds to join in the celebration.

Maybe after I finish this autopsy...

-Dr. Vahlen

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