Friday 24 March 2017

TESO: The Alchemy of Graphics Cards

Adventures of Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

With the Mages Guild quest line coming along nicely, I also help the Fighters Guild  do some research on a secondary weapon of Molag Bal and begin the process to craft countermeasures to it. Bal must be really weak since he could only muster a few skeletons led by a weak lich to try stop that. On a side note: The Ghosts in TESO really need some better/more obvious lore. Not only do they have ghost clothes but they also hit me with ghost arrows from their ghost bows... what? Is there ghost gold where they buy ghost equipment from a ghost shop?

It is then time to get the rest of the Shadowfen back under control, and while the Worm Cult has a small presence here the main enemy are Dominion troops - soldiers of Queen Ayrenn! The Thalmor scum are causing all sorts of problems in the swamp, though truthfully it would help if the Argonians stopped leaving their powerful relics lying around.

Ooh, can I tame one as my steed?

There are awesome lightning dragon things in this region too, who look really cool. Alas, the biggest problem I have in this zone is the "blue hue" that enjoys crashing my graphics card making it a real pain to traverse! Fortunately following this forum post alleviates the problem, enabling me to not crash during dolmen invasions (because Molag Bal hasn't given up) and slaying the Dominion leader and alchemist Ruuvitar in the region. As if hearing my advice, the lizardmen then send their relics by ship up to Windhelm for safe keeping. Since my work here is done I decide to tag along.

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