Friday, 5 August 2016

Skyrim: Where one List ends, another begins

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Kneel before me, servant.

To replace Perdida (after she got eaten by the Storm Dragon) I recruited the orc dovahkiin, Tharas Gull, at Death Mountain to continue the dragon hunting quest. Thankfully, the next few are nowhere near as bad as Zuvulom. One just spits tar. The next, a dragon of madness doesn't really have any effective attacks which makes him easy prey. Then a "death dragon" only has a "machine gun" bite going for it but has a terrible hit rate and couldn't even survive one of my regular combos. The third was a holy dragon, who shone beams of orbital bombardment instead of breathing directly.

This was pretty cool since the light negated my "moves faster in darkness" armor, but the stupid thing left itself vulnerable when it landed to munch on some wandering forsworn. At last we came upon the final dragon, a flaming beast who only looked menacing. Slaying him revealed the true enemy though: the flame dragon was just a summon of Gorel, another ascended mage.

You missed.

This necromancer had some nasty spells but since the ruins he stood in offered lots of cover it was easy to dash around to his flank and hack him to death. It became clear that these ascended bastards were behind the dragons re-emergence - I mean, it's almost like I hunted them to extinction before these wizards showed up, so Tharas and I agreed that it was now time to hunt the ascended mages and give them what they deserve.

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