Sunday, 7 August 2016

Skyrim: Samel Returns

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

I must admit I got a little lost when hunting the next ascended mage but Tharas and I eventually found the correct crypt, with the ascended named "Apostle" guarding another floating sphere.

To his credit Apostle took more than a back stab. He actually took a few power attacks which kept him staggered and unable to counter with whatever magics he had. With him out of the way I was free to enter the orb to find myself alone in another arena, one that drains life, and that had the dragon "Samel of the Void"! Oh great, Samel again, and much worse than before!


It takes a number of healing potions and exploding arrows before he lands. On the ground he is vulnerable so a "slow time" shout (fast becoming my favorite) is all I need to chain combo strike him to death. There are two more levels to the orb: one guarded by another dragon (whose name I forget) and the final one with "Great Dragon Samel" (him again lol). Both make the same mistake of landing and both get hacked to death in my slow time trap.

Pfft. Not so great.

With this orb cleansed, the land is finally free of the ascended and their dragons - or so I thought.

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