Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Skyrim: Impressive Abilities

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Our next target was a dragon in the marsh, one who could turn invisible! It also liked to stay airborne which made this prolonged fight an annoying one. It did give me the opportunity to learn about Perdida's secret ability though: she had explosive arrows! Turns out it's not so much an ability but just the special arrows from Death Mountain, of which I was carrying a few hundred myself.

Can you spot it? Use the radar up top for a clue. :P

Eventually I managed to shout down the bastard and with Red Shadow tanking I could finish it off from the back. A similar strategy was used against Nahlotnah, the sonic dragon who was attacking a Stormcloak camp. Half the soldiers died during the battle since they kept walking into its very large attack cone in which the closer you are the more damage you took. Perdida with the panzer shield could tank it a little though, just enough for me to do my thing. I had to slay the other half of the Stormcloak soldiers afterwards when they tried to arrest me though. Morons.

That sonic scream was very effective though.

No such strategy existed for the next dragon though, one that was literally on fire and enjoyed explosive bombardment. Just being near this one burned my health bar away, but there was no helping it as Perdida and Red Shadow got tied up fighting a second elder dragon (of the normal variety) at the same time. I had to resort to using the Arbiter's Decree to confuse the beast and simply brute forced him during the opening, consuming a lot of health items to survive the experience.

He died with an artistic finish!

Perdida finished the other dragon around the same time, just like a true Dragonborn.

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