Thursday, 4 August 2016

Skyrim: The Storm Dragon

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

After the last fire dragon this next target was a disappointment. The forest dragon chose to stay on the ground and breathed... low damaging thorn brambles? While it did hinder movement it didn't do much if I was already standing next to it, so I just face tanked the silly thing and slew it in one combo. More interestingly there was a small shack nearby I hadn't visited before... some skooma den run by vampires. While I couldn't cleanse the filthy blood pool at the bottom of the place, I did make sure no one other than my team left there alive.

The guard dog looked happy to greet Perdida.

One of the bloodsuckers must have gotten a lucky hit in too since I had contracted Sanguinare Vampiris upon leaving the place. Using the shadow armor I sprinted to the nearest shrine in record time to cure the malady instantly since shrines cure "all diseases". Who needs science when faith and magic is this tangible? :P

With that little side track out of the way we then returned to the snowy North to face Zuvulom, the storm dragon. Holy hell. This thing was worse than Aaldu! Even with the help of the nearby giants, their mammoths and Magala the giant lover, this turned out to be a fight of epic proportions. Not only was he an HP Sponge but being hit direclty by his "machine gun" lightning breath was near death. Also, standing next to him was pretty much ALSO death because he radiates lightning.

Getting close is not a good idea.

My allies began dropping like flies. Even Perdida eventually could no longer tank the insane damage and met her demise. It was up to me and my "newly" discovered explosive arrows (got a lot more from Perdida's corpse) to take him down. Good thing there was good amount of cover in the way but it was still very tense. When it was weakened enough I used the "Become Ethereal" shout which is like temporary god mode (I learned to use this at the Bottomless Pit) combined with a unique deadly poison I looted from one of the Dragonslayers, and a jump finisher to finally put Zuvulom down.

You had this coming, dragon!

At the end of it only my horse (who is immune to death somehow) and I survived.

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