Monday 31 August 2015

Nameless: The Mages Guild

[Day 32!? of Blaugust 2015!]
[This is part of my Creative Writing Experiment.]

Kiefer knew they'd have to get out of there quick, before all the other creatures lurking in the dark descended upon them so with one deft movement he threw a small pouch from his belt right into the trolls blocking their path. The small satchel exploded with a soft "boomf", successfully blinding both creatures momentarily with the magical powder. "Go!" Kiefer ordered as he led the others past the wildly swinging monsters who somehow failed to claw anyone but each other. Their loud roars would definitely call more creatures to the area.

"Buggie, of those places that had the lights - which is the closest?" asked Drisana to the boy clinging to her arm.

"The mages guild," replied Buggie, thrusting a free arm out to point the way.

With loud footsteps and unidentifiable howls growing nearer there was no sneaking to be had now, so team ran towards the direction Buggie pointed - adjusting as needed when they found paths blocked with either collapsed buildings or by hideous beasts. As they turned the last corner Nessa could finally see the mages guild ahead of them, across a small park. It was then that she also noticed dark shapes from the sky descending upon them.

Without time for warning she beheaded the first winged lion and rolling under the second one, ran her blade along the length of its belly, disemboweling it. It was a sprint now across the park, with even more winged lions coming at the team from all directions. For the most part their straight dive-bomb attacks were easy to evade but Delmair, already lagging behind everyone else was caught by surprise as another troll stepped forward from behind a nearby tree. Despite managing to put an arrow into its left eye, he was unable to escape from the monster's long reach as it easily picked him up with one hand and chewed his head off. At the same time a thin beam of light shot forth from a high window atop of the mages guild. While the adventurers were fast enough to react to the deadly magic, Buggie was not - running directly into it and emerging on the side immolated in flames, screaming as he burned alive.

Unable to do anything for them, Kiefer continued urging everyone else forward rushing out of the park and right into the surprisingly open double doors of the mages guild. Working quickly, they closed and barricaded the door with the nearby bookshelves and tables before pushing against it themselves, using every ounce of their strength and will to prevent their angry and hungry pursuers from breaking in. The door shuddered with each loud bang as the monsters began ramming themselves against it for what seemed an eternity.

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