Wednesday 12 August 2015

Nameless: Ambush

[Day 13 of Blaugust 2015!]
[This is part of my Creative Writing Experiment.]

A loud noise startled Drisana awake. Through blurred vision she could see that she was still in the foyer area of the temple and that her companions were also asleep where they sat. She didn't remember falling asleep though. Concerned she quickly shook the sisters and Sharon in an attempt to wake them. It was only then that she noticed the chairs of both Cecilia and the bald monk were empty. A blood trail led through the next door deeper into the temple. At that exact moment two figures filled the doorway, it was the monk who brought the cups and the bigger one who had brought the cauldron. Something caught the light in their hands.


Drisana quickly drew her own blades as the smaller monk headed towards her friends while the bigger one focused his attention on her, putting himself in between the groggy woman and her allies. In with a sudden rush, the big man thrust at her but Drisana managed to parry the strike away and at the same time stabbed the man's throat with a dagger of her own causing him to stagger to his knees before dropping dead. She saw the smaller monk had also been caught unaware as Nerith, who had still been pretending to sleep, suddenly stabbed him through the heart.

While Nerith retrieved her sword from his corpse, two more men then arrived and it was clear that these were no clerics. They wore scale mail armor and upon seeing the girls awake, drew their curved swords as they advanced into the room. They were quite skilled too, driving back both Nerith and Drisana against the wall while evading any counter attacks the women threw back at them. They didn't realize Nessa had woken up too though, and having snuck up behind both of them, sliced simultaneously through the exposed napes of each of their necks - severing their spines.

After picking up one of the curved blades from the still bleeding out soldiers, Drisana silently gestured to the sisters to watch the inner door. They both nodded and took up positions on either side of the entry way while the ex-caravan mistress shook Sharon awake. At least her vision was clearing now, but they would need to hurry to save Cecilia - if she could even still be saved.

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