Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The End of Blaugust 2015

The burn out is real. >.<

Wow, Blaugust was way more difficult this time around. Thank you to everyone who has been following my Nameless story, the burn out from it is real! Not just the writing, but the drawing of a picture to go with each post made it doubly tiring. I was already cheating near the end there... As such I think I'll be slowing down a little to recover - probably didn't help that I was posting near to daily even before the event started.

I do have some blog stats though: thanks to Blaugust I gained 42 new blog links. Still lost 11 that didn't post at least once in three weeks. Also, you probably missed my reviews for Wolverine and John Wick! Why? Because they were guest posts at the North East Nerd! Go check them out, even if you don't like how I review things as maybe there's something hostess Fiona posts that will interest you instead. =)

Thank you to all participants of Blaugust and to Belghast for running it! I'm going to take a little break now, especially from Nameless, just so I can post about other things once I've got my breath back.

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