Monday 10 August 2015

Nameless: Sharing a Meal

[Day 11 of Blaugust 2015!]
[This is part of my Creative Writing Experiment.]

"Oh, dear you are all soaked!" exclaimed the balding cleric who opened the door for Cecilia and her team, ushering them into a small welcoming foyer area with plain wooden benches and a warm fire roaring in the nearby fireplace. "Please, take a seat while I fetch some towels, blankets and perhaps a hot meal?"

"I'm looking for my sister," said Cecilia directly, her hand moving up to the pommel of her sword. "Last I heard, she was coming here."

The cleric looked confused. "I'm sorry, but you are the only visitors we've had in a while... what does your sister look like?"

"She's my identical twin," replied the knight immediately.

Clearly at a loss the cleric simply bowed respectfully. "I'm terribly sorry, but you are the only visitors we've had for weeks. Please, make yourselves comfortable for now. You would not be doing your sister any favors by going out into the forest in this rain to look for her. When it clears I will try round up some of our number to assist you."

After a short pause, Cecilia sighed and nodded. While the girls made themselves comfortable by the fire, the balding cleric closed the door and disappeared deeper into the temple. In just a few minutes he was back carrying a pile of folded towels and was followed by another two clerics, one carrying empty wooden bowls and cutlery and the other, larger one hefting a large cauldron with a delicious smelling stew which he set down on a nearby table.

Without saying a word the two worked in unison to fill each bowl and hand them out to each of their guests. The bald one sent them away afterwards, letting them leave the cauldron where it was for the time being, he then turned to the girls and spoke. "Again I apologize, you've come just a little late for meal time so this is just today's left overs from the kitchen."

"I insist you join us," Cecilia said immediately as she offered an empty stool, with an unmistakable commanding tone in her voice. Whatever excuses the bald cleric had prepared clearly melted away as he meekly sat into the chair. The armored lady then offered the monk her bowl of stew. "You first."

The poor cleric hesitantly took a spoonful of the stew. Then another.

"This definitely lacks salt," he muttered afterwards. "I hope it's still to your liking."

Satisfied that the food was safe to eat, Cecilia nodded to the others. There was still something about this place that didn't feel right.

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