Saturday 15 August 2015

Dragon Age: Redemption and Dawn of the Seeker

[Day 16 of Blaugust 2015!]

No blights to be found in either! :P

Dragon Age: Redemption

Elven Qunari assassin Tallis (played by Felicia Day) is tasked with retrieving one of their mages who recently escaped from a Chantry prison. Her quest is somewhat complicated when she encounters a Templar going after the same target. Now if all those terms don't make a lick of sense to you, don't fret - the opening scrolling text (not really the best way to do an opening after it was done to death by all movies named "Star Wars") does a pretty good job of describing the little bit of the Dragon Age world you need to know.

She's cute. :3

The story itself is simple but is decent enough for a 40 minute tale which sticks to the game lore very nicely and is coupled with decent camera work to keep it interesting. Yes it is slightly low budget but at least they got the higher tier of LARPers to fill up the back drop. Surprisingly the acting is very good from the main characters and at least on the passable level for everyone else (which is more than I can say for Jurassic Shark for example). The only thing that slightly irks me is the inconsistency of the magic shown. One lightning bolt can be shrugged off, another knocks you down and another is fatal. What?

Still a decent little flick that I actually recommend to Dragon Age or Felicia Day fans and one I wouldn't mind watching again. I give it two randomly powered lightning bolts out of five.


Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker

Unlike the live action tale above, this one is fully animated and pretty decently too. It follows Cassandra, a Seeker (sect of the Templars) as she stumbles upon and tries to unravel a sinister plot by apostate blood mages seeking to destroy the Chantry in Orlais. Cassandra is one violent chick and there is a good amount of blood coupled with a tiny bit of gore to be had here but again magical inconsistency is somewhat irksome.

Not shy with the blood.

Other than saying it goes longer than Redemption I don't want to say much more in case I give the plot away. All up I give Dawn of the Seeker two and a half magic potions out of five and also wouldn't mind watching it again. Strangely though, despite my own scores,  I'd watch Redemption over this one if given a choice.

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