Sunday 9 August 2015

Nameless: Shadowstar

[Day 10 of Blaugust 2015!]
[This is part of my Creative Writing Experiment.]

A few weeks after sailing away from the burning lands of the Wizard King, Nessa, Nerith and Drisana found themselves at the dark and dour city of Deepwater. It was also apparent that there would be no respectable jobs for foreigners such as themselves. As they walked through the dimly lit streets the sisters were arguing on the merits of the continuous rain in this region while Drisana counted her quickly diminishing pile of coin savings in her purse which only had some weight thanks to slowly selling all their equipment. A group of four ruffians did try to way lay them for all their "goods" but it was the ruffians who ended up not knowing what hit them as the girls continued what they were doing throughout the small interruption of their journey.

None of them realized that they were being watched by a short woman wrapped in a dark cloak from the shadowy rooftops.

It was only later when they stopped at a local tavern for some food that they were approached by the same woman, following behind a heavily armored lady. "I heard what you did to those guys back there," said the knight politely. "You are all very skilled! Would you be interested in a job?"

It turned out that this woman, Cecilia, was gathering together a party to search for her sister's group that went missing in some not so nearby woods recently. She also introduced to them Sharon, her first mercenary who upon pulling off the hood of her cloak appeared far too young for a girl going on adventures. Still, it sounded like a worthwhile task and the foreign girls needed the money so after Drisana managed to haggle a better price, including getting some coin up front for supplies they agreed and soon found themselves headed out into the forest.

"What was your sister doing out here anyway?" questioned Nerith inquisitively as the team trekked through the dark forest. The canopy wasn't particularly thick, it was just the unending rain clouds above that just made everything feel so ... oppressive. The howls of some distant wolves clearly put Sharon on edge as she put one quivering hand on the hilt of her sheathed dagger.

"She was investigating the disappearances of other people," answered Cecilia plainly as they suddenly walked out of the tree line and into a large clearing. In the center stood a large compound made of marble.

"That's the Temple of Shadowstar," continued Cecilia without missing a step as the rain picked up a notch. "While the sect within has never openly broken the laws of the land, they are very secretive and doesn't take kindly to trespassers. It's also where we will begin our search."

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