Saturday 1 August 2015

Nameless: Balkazar's Lair

[Day 2 of Blaugust 2015!]
[This is part of my Creative Writing Experiment.]

Balkazar stroked his beard as he peered into his crystal ball and watched the three intruders fight their way past his muscular but dim witted minions. His lair, built within the buried bones of a nameless, long dead, giant beast along with his small army of brutes had kept prying eyes away for years. That was clearly not going to be the case today but he remained quietly confident as he sat in his plainly decorated room. As the sounds of battle drew closer he looked up at the wooden door and grinned.

Having cleared the hallway of guards Nerith nodded to both Indas and her sister as she got ready to kick the door open. Just as she was about to the door exploded outwards with such force that it sent her flying back against the cold stone wall behind her, instantly knocking her out. In a rage Nessa charged in, focusing on the bearded mage grinning behind his table. Before she could take another step something cut into her side and threw her like a sack of potatoes across a waist high counter into what appeared to be a simple bed space. Gritting her teeth through the pain she looked back and saw her attacker - a tall, feathered humanoid with talons and the head of a demonic vulture.

As it was still staring at her, it never saw Indas' hammer coming. The huge, muscular lady had swung with all her might and the blow made a sickening, crunching sound as it almost turned the vulture faced creature's head completely around in a spray of green blood. Indas continued her charge as it collapsed to the floor, swinging her hammer down onto the seated mage but her weapon went right through him and smashed the chair. Confused by the phantom image, Indas was caught by surprise when the stone statue behind her suddenly grabbed her long black hair with one hand and with the other scooped her up between her thighs, easily lifting her above its head and piledriving her face first through the crystal ball, the wooden table in sat upon and into the stone floor.

By this time Nessa was back on her feet in the next room and upon hearing the mage laugh in glee, noticed the image of the same bearded mage in the "reflection" in the nearby mirror. Having realized her true opponent she threw a dagger through the window disguised as a mirror, and right into Balkazar's throat. The wizard's eyes grew wide with surprise as he turned to face her, but upon attempting to utter an incantation the only thing that came forth was a stream of blood from his own mouth. Nessa leant against the wall as she watched him unceremoniously collapse through the "mirror", dead, and with his will gone the stone statue that had picked up Indas' own hammer to crush her  had once again become lifeless and dormant.

"I hate mages," Nessa spat before hobbling over to check on her injured companions.

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