Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sojourn at Entropia: A Test of Piloting

[Part of my Sojourn at Entropia story.]

Decided to look around at Fort Argus briefly.

Not sure how many other MMOs have player run banks that do that!

Also learned that you can earn PED, ISK (Eve Online), and Linden (Second Life) just by registering and listening to a radio station? You gain .01 PED and 10 RP (radio points) every 10-17 minutes, with 100 RP being converted into more PED once a month when they pay it out. The only rules are that you click something every hour to prove you are still there and that you do not mute the channel.

From my experience there are lots of advertisements here too, repetitive ones and you get maybe two  after each song. Possibly the same one twice. The music itself is trance/dance techno which can get irritating after awhile. Especially since the station only seemed to play stuff from Bassnectar, The Prodigy and Benni Bennasi. So not a lot of variation there.

Anyway since most of my tasks were at Fort Troy I did decide to teleport back there and buy fuel on the market. 100 cans for 4 PED.

At least my VTOL is useable again!

Anna, camped a bit outside Fort Troy has a few tasks for me to do, in and around the robot infested volcano.

Fortunately they are pretty straight forward tasks for people that can fly.

Just gotta be careful of the lava. And the robots.

And the forest canopy!

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