Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sojourn at Entropia: Caligula

[Part of my Sojourn at Entropia story.]

While doing that insane swim I was chatting in the Rookie channel and befriended one Gaius Caligula Augustus who decided to help me out with the rest of my exploration tasks. He met up with me at the Limnadian District.

He has a Quad-Wing Interceptor!

Not only does he give me a lift for free...

He gives me a Sleipnir VTOL aircraft! O_O
I don't care if it's second hand!

He also gives me 40 cans of fuel, fresh armor, a rocket launcher with explosive ammo, a new rifle AND 10 PED. His generosity is staggering. To you in might not be much, but having lived the F2P part of this game, I am overjoyed. I have to question then why his ultimate desire in the game is to become an evil space pirate? :P Eventually we part ways but thanks to him I can now get around a little easier!



  1. Nice. What a cool person. That vtol looks really cool.

    1. Yup yup! It's pretty awesome to fly in this game. :D