Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sojourn at Entropia: Broken

[Part of my Sojourn at Entropia story.]

After parting ways with Ana I decided to try make the dangerous drive to Fort Fury.

Where dinosaurs walk upright.

Alas my poor car, the dinosaurs destroyed it.
The destroyed me next, but since you respawn at the nearest teleporter I appeared at Fort Fury.

It was the end of the road though as these are what waited outside it's walls. 
That's a level 26 warlord: I have trouble with level 4 things!

I guess now is also a good time to mention I've also run out of ammo for my rocket launcher and have worn out my rifle and mediball thingy. Since they are "limited" items, they cannot be repaired, leaving me with my little pistol and a few rounds for it.  Oh and I still have that .01 cent which can purchase exactly nothing. :P

So I decided to warp back to Port Atlantis and take in the view from the spire to help plan my next move. Jumping off (accidentally) netted me an achievement. Lol.

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