Monday, 15 June 2015

Sojourn at Entropia: A Lesson in Space

[Part of my Sojourn at Entropia story.]

Despite being airborne this VTOL doesn't actually go too fast, which is good as it means I can take pictures! :P

First port of call was Twin Peaks.

Here I met Sarah Excel Silverlight of the EUSF.
She was offering a free ride to the next planet.

WHAT? Since I wanted to know more about space I talked with her a bit, learned that space is fully open PvP, and learned about the six other planets. According to her, Calypso is only 10-15% of the game! To give an idea of distance, she said the planet she was heading to next: the jungle planet Arkadia, would take around an hour to get to in her space craft. She mentioned I could cut down the travel time to 1.5 minutes if I have a starship warp me around. The going price for such a trip is 45 PED.

She also gave me links to some of the larger spacecraft in the game.

Cost $11-14k USD.

Cost $20k USD.

Holy crap, some people sure have a lot of money for gaming. I imagine it's something like EVE Online up there. Anyway, I decide to stay planet side and bid Sarah farewell.

She is later captured and held hostage by space pirates.
Player pirates, who charge PED to release hostages.
I guess that's a thing.


  1. Its players having a lot of money is the one thing Entropia/Calypso is famous for!

    and many other similar sources.

    1. That's a lot of cash! I can see how they do it though, in that particular case either opening up to housing or "taxing" kills on your property. If you happen to own a spot that has a herd of (x) lucrative, grindable quest targets then you can attract a lot of traffic.