Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sojourn at Entropia: The Flame

[Part of my Sojourn at Entropia story.]

Desperate to see what the light is, what those robot scum are guarding - I take my Sleipnir VTOL which is almost out of fuel right into the core.

Fueling my flight through pure will power.

I make it onto the strange platform and learn this place is Hadeshiem Crater.

It also happens to be the evil mechas base. CRAP.

With no other options I decide to try take on the ridiculously leveled bots.

No surprise, I don't last long and end up back here.

This turns out to be a form of prison, as escaping on foot is near impossible with the mecha swarm. I did get farther with the VTOL but when it burned the last of its fuel it crashed into the desert. I folded it up into my pocket but still got killed by a spider bot which sent me right back to the platform. Damn, it's a trap!


  1. I wonder if that is why they have that light to lure people to it. These bots are evil geniuses.

    1. It's to make up for their inability to shoot aircraft. ;P