Friday, 12 June 2015


If you are different, you must die.

At it's core this is a girl's coming of age story, trying to find her place in the world. It just so happens that it's the future and that some genius decided to make a faction system in an attempt to prevent war (because that always works!). While most people get sorted into one of the groups rather easily, a few people, like the main character, show aptitude for being in multiple groups. This makes them a target for elimination since they are the chaotic element in an otherwise standardized formula.

*sarcastic* Totally looks like a servant of chaos. For Khorne!?

Despite her joining the supposedly most "active" group (which in my opinion is filled with moronic thrill seekers), there are few meaningful action sequences until the last act which makes it a bit slow but fortunately it does just enough to hold one's interest. I do quite like that she has no "chosen one" syndrome as she isn't unique, and that in most physical tests she gets her ass handed to her. All up, I give Divergent three reflections out of five, and am interested enough to watch the sequel.

Extra points for having a giant wall which is unexplained. Are there titans out there? :P

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