Wednesday 25 June 2014

Today I Smiled: Blog Status Mid 2014

The last time I did this I was in the middle of upgrading my house. I find it interesting to see what's changed over one year. First let's start with my top posts of all time (so far)!

Proving that guides are the best way to get an audience...
Rank #1 - Fastest way to gain AP
Rank #2 - State of Decay: Tips to reach Level 10

Followed by "sex sells"...
Rank #3 - Blood and Jade
Rank #4 - League of Angels

And lastly, if you write (enough of it) it will be read... eventually...
Rank #5 - Skyrim's Adventure Journal

My current post count is 542 (up from 245).
Top 5 audience countries: USA, Australia, Russia, UK, and Germany.
Using: Firefox (34%), IE (32%) and Chrome (21%). The rest use weird stuff! ;P

Most common search keywords: Still "Skyrim Hamburger" and "Pile of Ash" at the top. Funny that "Blood and Jade" and "Emma Watson Latex" get a mention though!

Followers: 2 (up from zero. Get in quick as there are only 49,998 spots left! LOL)
Page views: 56,473 (up from 10,101 - pretty sure this is thanks to two rounds the NBI!)
Comments - the stat I am happiest with: Previously 6.

Now: 320!

Yes, half of those is me replying but still! Thank you very much to everyone who has read and commented on my posts - it has definitely put a smile on my face. :D

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