Sunday 22 June 2014

Neverwinter Online: One Year Jubilee!

Well designed game wise. Poor design story wise. :P

Elminster is in town this week to send players around as carrier pigeons and to convince them to protect the city while Lord Neverember makes his speech in a repeatable skirmish instance to earn currency items that can be used to buy the rather affordable rewards on offer. This is all great because it means you don't need to rely on RNG to get your loot. Furthermore, the skirmish is designed in three waves of randomized enemies, each with a short timer that grants a reward if you complete said wave before it runs out.

A number of groups think that the best way to do this is to Zerg. I disagree, and am usually the one off on his own skirting past all the enemies to handle the actual objectives in time. If you need to go destroy catapults then don't stand around fighting what's pushing them guys!

Ok that's a bit unfair since my two characters (rogue and ranger) are specifically built for infiltration and aggro dropping which makes all the trash redundant, especially in timed challenges. Regardless of the method you take it's still a pretty cool experience to be fighting again in Protectors Enclave, something which was last done during Valindra's Invasion many months ago.

Story/Lore wise though, this event showcases how worthless the city guards are as EVERY ENEMY FACTION (in random groups of three) can get in with ludicrous equipment. At least the rebels and wererats are somewhat believable since they're just looting the place but when giant witches and cyclopses manage to drag huge cauldrons in, or Shadar-kai manage to put large shards of the Deathknell about, or the orcs manage to roll in some CATAPULTS into the town proper... um... Side note, if Elminster is actually in town then none of those things should actually be a problem.

*ahem* I would likely flatten the city if -I- did it, adventurer.
Anywho, that aside it's still a fun experience and one with decent rewards. I only hope that this trend continues. Long live Neverwinter! :)

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