Monday 2 June 2014

NBI 2014 - Artists of May

With the beginning of June ends the May NBI Drawing event, and the NBI's "active" phase. There were only a few participants, possibly because of this:

Just a theory! :P
However the brave few that took up the task will be remembered forever... on this page!




Me :P

Lastly, Missy Mojo didn't actually participate (grumble grumble) but she did ask for an avatar - so I thought I'd whack it up here for my own record keeping. :)

Thank you again to everyone who took part. For even more NBI artistry be sure to check out the Big, Magical NBI Poetry Slam Round up at Syl's blog!

Just as a note, while the NBI might be going into hibernation that doesn't mean it's stopped completely. If you are starting up your own blog or site, or just want to get to know some other people with your same hobby then please stop by the forums. :)


  1. Haha NBI clearly had talented artists this year! <3

  2. Ah shoot - a really cool idea, sad I missed this (my month of May was totally crazy)! these doodles are great fun :D

  3. Nice, funny seeing them all together. Great idea too, I think we'll have to eventually get everyone using the forums to have their own character drawn