Wednesday 11 June 2014

A Valley Without Wind 2

While this game has similarities to its predecessor, it is functionally a very different game. Gone are the sprawling and almost endless randomized platform levels. They have been shortened into little bite sized pieces where in you either have to destroy a wind generator or beat one of the named bad guys in their lair to level up. Gone too are the smooth controls and animation from before replaced by ho-hum average bob sprites.

Instead a bigger focus is put on the strategic section of the game where in you must command your rebel forces to expand the map, gather resources, build and man structures, destroy enemy strongholds and warp gates, recruit more rebels and most importantly escape from the main bad guy Demonica (a demon overlord) until such a time as when you can fight him (I guess, I haven't reached there yet if so and there are no hints so far on how to actually win the game - just how to survive).

The bit I did like from the previous game, the platforming, has now been made a joke. There are all sorts of cool yet annoying enemies to get in your way but there is absolutely NO REASON to fight them as they no longer drop currency (other than the main targets you have to fight anyway), only ammo and health which you won't lose if you are good at evasion.

It's a pity that they decided to take this road, because for me it ends up being a weaker game for it. I give it two and a half wind generators out of five and would definitely recommend the first game over this one for sure.

A Valley without Wind indeed.

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