Wednesday 18 June 2014

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

The only good Nazi is an... undead Nazi?
I've had this game for awhile now so I'm a little surprised I didn't do a review of it yet. Some of you may recall the annoyances I experienced while trying to play it cooperatively, which killed the game for me. However, I decided to go through it again solo after being uplifted by playing Sniper Elite v2 which obviously eliminated the severe flaw of frequent disconnects and then being unable to reconnect to your friends problem. That said it still crashed out on me twice.

While the story is shallow ("and then there were zombies!") the gameplay itself works well with the sniper vs undead theme. Most enemies require head shots (or heart shots) to be put down permanently and there is ample opportunity to snipe and survive waves of the walking dead during the story... and by walking I mean at a leisurely and casual pace.

Given that the majority of your foes need to melee you, this actually makes the game easier than the original (where grunts would shoot back, take cover and lob grenades) as you can even avoid them or kick them down with your own melee strike. The few enemies with firearms can be a bit of a problem, depending on where they catch you but generally distance is your friend and that very useful cover system is made quite redundant as long as you have Doom level shooting experience.

Most of the maps will also be familiar from v2, though they are heavily modified decor wise. Overall it is still a fun game which is easiest cleared if you keep your cool from the jump scares and shoot carefully because really, these zombies have no chance against a well armed marksman. I give it 3.5 bullets out of 5 (for solo play).


  1. I don't have any of the DLC zombie stuff, but I picked up Sniper Elite v2 when it was free for 24 hours last week. I'm always on the look out for a good shooter... this isn't it. The gimmick of being able to see dramatic slow motion gunshots and watch internal organs explode gets old after a level or two. The controls were super clunky with keyboard and mouse. It feels like a game designed for the console. I sould have tried it with a gamepad, but too late, uninstalled.

    Glad you're enjoying yourself though :D

    1. Heh, I am easily amused! ^_^ Also you can turn off the slow-mo kill cam. Not sure what to compare the controls to though... moved just as good as any other shooter for me.

      Can you give an example of what you think a good shooter is for you? Obviously I might be missing out! :)

    2. Honestly I was of the opinion that control schemes were superior with keyboard and mouse, as they started on PCs. Years of playing Call of Duty and other shooters on consoles changed my opinion. 9/10 I'm better with a game pad when it comes to these types of games.

      Still, as far as Keyboard/mouse shooters go, this one just felt clunky because of all the different keys needed to cycle through inventory items and the camera panned in ways that felt weird. Maybe I'm just picky.

    3. I got a similar feeling when playing Lost Planet 2. :) Guess it depends on what we are used to, as I think I'd be terrible using a controller (I don't like consoles). :P