Friday 13 June 2014

Broforce (Early Access)

Shallow, old-school platforming at its most entertaining!

Featuring many bros (heroes) from numerous action franchises this fast paced side scrolling platform shooter by Free Lives is in a word: crazy. The good kind of crazy. So far the objective of all the maps I've played is simply to "GET TO DA CHOPPA" at the end of the map, with the optional task of rescuing trapped bros (which give you extra lives and a character switch) on the way.

The multitude of playable characters with differing skills is definitely a highlight, however it is slightly annoying that you cannot select which Bro you want to use instead getting a random one each time you begin a level, respawn or free a trapped bro. This is particularly felt in multiplayer where you might get confused as to who you are if you don't pay attention. Seemed to also be some connectivity issues when Doone, Izlain, J3w3l and myself tried it out.

The AI is intentionally simplistic at best, but they'll still manage to kill you every once in a while since one bullet is all it takes. I don't think there are more baddies in multiplayer however the chaos caused by the other players is sure to see indirect friendly-fire deaths more often than not. You can't shoot each other with bullets but with all the exploding going on and the screen trying to tether all of you together there is ample opportunity there for death!

Despite the negatives Broforce is actually a blast! Unfortunately it doesn't have too many levels to go through yet but that is easily remedied. I noticed the developers even put in a level editor there which I didn't really try out. Definitely one to check out for some mindless mayhem, and in its current state I give it three bros out of five!

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