Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bloody Revenge

Part of the Tales of Skrmischa in Neverwinter Online!

Potions are an adventurer's best friend. Good thing I had stocked up before tackling some of these!

This non english task is a simple sweep to clear some bandits in a rather vacant valley. At least they had goods to compensate me for my time.

The Teqa Swamp @ Slytborg (NW-DFYGNILZX)
This time I had to retrieve farmer's sword from orc barracks, a straight forward enough task with a fair bit of combat. Unfortunately, the sword at the end was not reachable. Maybe because I'm short and it's floating high up in a ray of blue light... or under the floor. Not sure.

Have Fun @ Grubberl337 (NW-DRUN8CMYV)
After a very wierd start of poking two barrels in the city to open a secret passage I found myself in a bandit DEATH TRAP! The first room has you stuck with two dozen archers and hexers which actually are the most troublesome lot in the whole tunnel system. Unfortunately what seemed to be the main iron door they came through was locked, making the adventure unfinishable.

Like this, just replace each spike with 3 archers and a mage. O_O

Final: Guard Barracks @ JRGAMER1 (NW-DL6301BE)
In this funny in a bad way quest I was surprised to find Sgt. Knox himself waiting at some guard barracks to ask me to fight (and kill) mad guards. All of whom were nasher rebels. They really ought to check who they hire. Anyway, a locked and unopenable sewer door (thankfully) prevented my progress from things getting any crapper so I left Knox to clean up his own mess.

Must admit that reporting about most of these "bad" ones really inspires my employer to get back into creating actual adventures.

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