Monday, 5 August 2013

Highs and Lows

Part of the Tales of Skrmischa in Neverwinter Online!

With the Blacklake Terror out of the way it was time to gain experience on more missions starting... in space?

The Assault on Xiloborg @Rawklawbstar (NW-DAHW7N6PW)
No idea how I got onto this alien landscape but there are lots of spiders and driders that needed killing. First to get past their web shield, then under a space bridge and finally into a furnace chamber with exploding platforms. Interesting mechanics and environment but, no nice reward chest at the end.

Goblin Raid @ Prettz77 (NW-DPUB2D0HF)
At least this was more down to earth. A large group of goblins led by an ogre had invaded the Blacklake district and it was up to me to clear them out. An easy task, though the boss was a bit more challenging. Fortunately they also had a nice treasure box which made killing them all the more fun!

A Tale of Banditry @ Aerudengineer (NW-D13PIQ602)
Then it was off to rid some bandits from a some strange farmland with floating houses. Once inside I encountered "Ghost Fighter Human 1" again, and just like last time could not open a door meaning I once more abandoned him to his plight.

Honestly the first thing this task involved is examining a plate atop the tavern spirit tower in the Tower District. Not sure where it lead next as there were no hints, but while up there I fell into the spirit well into an ominous secret area filled with the bones and spirits of other people that fell down the hole, including an arch mage. How does one become an arch mage when you are silly enough to fall down holes anyway? Fortunately his ghost was nice enough to teleport me out!

They obviously forgot their rings of feather fall.

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