Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Going for a Stroll

Part of the Tales of Skrmischa in Neverwinter Online!

Unlucky run with quests this time around as all of them were unfinished/unfinishable.

The Unholy Crusade @ leasius (NW-DTHFLZ3YZ)
This "crusade" starts off with me being trapped in a chest, and doesn't really go anywhere from there. Who the heck posts these missions?

This accurately sums up the entire "crusade".

Undead of Misty Cavern @ Miretles (NW-DPOIYRE4F)
After battling a bunch of undead pirates I was supposed to find their mind flayer boss in a cave clearing. He must have heard I was coming though because when I got there he was long gone.

Grund Karte @ smilechen (NW-DFMSA9ZRP)
This german language mission is a very short and simple "kill some spiders" for the folk of a nice hamlet and some (famous) hobbits. No reward trunk for such a menial task, but the rest of the environment looks really well done, despite being empty. Definitely returning when more things are happening.

Mystery of the Raventalon @ FeyrinRavenTalon (NW-DOH2TW8BH)
Like the previous one this takes place in a super detailed map with great atmosphere. Nothing to fight or do in here yet during my visit, but certainly another one I'll come back to once Raventalon finishes building (and populating) his manor.

Alas, I don't really get XP for seeing nice decorations but this should give my employer ideas of what to do with his own foundry stuff in the future. :P

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