Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Contract Terminated

Part of the Tales of Skrmischa in Neverwinter Online!

Started off with a pretty good run this time with...

ELUS DE L'ARENE @ Louwang (NW-DTRP2Q289)
A simple arena (on fire) where I defeated a bunch of kobolds and ogres, followed by...

Dungon Crawl @ Loomon (NW-DBCJA5K95)
A stroll in a gorgeous forest that unfortunately was filled with undead. Completing the mission was super easy though, allowing my to bypass pretty much all the enemies but I decided to swing back and clear them all out anyway.

Alas upon my return to the city I learned that Lord Neverember had issued a Call to Arms - a recurring special event that allows people like my employer to participate in skirmishes they had previously missed. This will probably be happening at a rate of one per weekend starting with the Orc Assault in the Tower District which my boss personally participated in. It is no surprise then that my initial contract to level up and run those myself has been ended. Didn't stop me from running the same skirmish myself though, and the amount of loot I took from those orcs was a good start to fund whatever my next foray would be.

So Many-Arrows!

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