Sunday, 4 August 2013

Arrival in Blacklake

Part of the Tales of Skrmischa in Neverwinter Online!

That's the last time I come to Neverwinter by boat. Haven't heard of one actually making it to the city - instead everyone seems happy enough to be washed up on shore and fight through a piece of Valindra's undead army just to reach the city gates. To top it off my new, somewhat handsome, employer is a creep, skulking about in shadows and seemingly always staring at people. His gold is good though and given my low level of experience I was thankful to find work so quickly. It wasn't long before I was sent out on some missions...

Hall of Doom @ vertygerk (NW-DEN46WWLZ)
First one was a nice warm up, just clearing a few goblins from a random hall. Didn't have a nice treasure chest to loot though.

Dusk Deeps @ duskroma (NW-DBLVC4HGC)
I was then sent into some abberant filled caves to aid a mysterious spirit named "Ghost Fighter Human 1". Despite clearing out all the enemies I couldn't open the last(?) door and was forced to abandon the awkwardly named ghost to his misery.

Daydream Believer @ laura16 (NW-DJNW9WQNA)
Took a short nap next to a fountain afterwards, and suddenly found myself in the dreamscape of Elysium. The queen there wanted my help eradicating the random threats in her windy realm. An easy task for which I was rewarded a belt. Oddly when I awoke it was still in my inventory.

ZWorld Issue 1 @ Skumb7 (NW-D02C89G4G)
Lastly I went to investigate a strange house in a twisted forest, meeting the undead man Skumby who lived there. Turns out the place was an arena, and before I knew it I was fighting many waves of zombies mixed with various other undead. I defeated the gauntlet though, and Skumby begrudgingly gave me a prize for my efforts - a shield.

Once that was done I was finally eligible to participate in the Blacklake Terror skirmish, where an evil sorceror was summoning hordes of undead to attack the lake side from the safety of his boat. Truth be told it was child's play compared to Skumby's arena, especially with four other people helping. First skirmish done. Eleven to go.

Not bad for a first day's work!

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