Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dragons Bashed

Part of my Explorer of Tyria journal - you can find the rest here!

With the Dragon Bash Festival coming to an end I thought I'd post a little write up on how I found it. In short, better than the Southsun arc that's for sure. There were many pointless activities like betting on moa racing, lighting/watching fireworks, whacking holographic monsters and pinatas, burning effigies and eating candy.

The pvp event "Dragon Ball" was also good fun (coming from a non pvp person that means something) and I was really dominating the matches later on when I knew what I was doing. While fun for a bit the main problem is repetition, bloody repetition - especially if you wanted some of those achievements which had pretty high rep count numbers. Obviously they got old fast.

Took a bit of time before the actual story element came into play and while overall it was still "meh, pirates" the opening cut scene was very well done and the general flow much improved from before. There was a murder and people had to help a private investigator find the culprit who ends up having ties to the featured enemy group of the next arc.

Not sure why I'm only fighting one group of pirates and not the entirety of Lion's Arch, since most of them are pirate scum anyway. Or ex-pirate scum. Makes no difference to me. It's not like people let ex-nazi's go free either. So... yeah, a step in the right direction but disappointed there was no actual dragon to bash (other than the ones who already regularly show up). Did bash a green dragon with my brothers in NWO though, and while he was a lot smaller than the ones in this game I think he put up just as much fight (if not more) than some of the ones here. Haven't gotten any more foundry stuff done yet though due to other distractions. :P

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