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Generation 17 Tips: Shamala's Nightmare

Been awhile since I was last on Mabi (installer problems) but the new story arc is a good way to fill your hunting list! Most of the events take place in Cor and revolve around the titular shapeshifter Shamala. All the quests give you LOADS of room giving you lots of opportunity to use your ranged skills. I also recommend a snake pet as it helps quite a bit on the teleporting bosses.

Black Panther Panties (seriously)
After beating up some silly green birds you will be sent to hunt a black panther roaming around Cor, twice! Ofcourse this means fighting a lot of other stuff as well but it should be nothing new. Don't forget to windmill the lycan and use your highest damage skill against ghosts before they get to fireball you. The panther itself is not as devilish as the one in the stage dungeon (which was removed due to it being ludicrously hard), however on your second foray you fight the black panther king who, apart from being high def/prot can and will teleport. I recommend using your pet snake to poison it, then trans/demi up to finish it off safely, WMing when it jumps behind you.

Spirit Hunt
Shamala will assist you on the next bit where you fight possessed critters but really, you should let her do the fighting. Again you have loads of room to lure and kill which is especially important for the multi-aggro salamanders. Given you have  a god-mode assistant you shouldn't really have any problems here unless you position yourself badly or eat a few ghost fireballs. A grim reaper waits for you at the end, and he's still as lol-worthy as the first time you faced him.

If you don't have a decent ranged wep you'd better bring a lot of pots on this one as you'll be facing many waves of poisonous snakes and a giant python at the end. It has IR (don't open with a smash) and Final Hit so either WM it to death or FH it first in demi/trans mode. Shamala will arrive halfway through to "assist", though she can mess up your combos.

King of the Jungle
Cool, you become a big deadly cat! You won't have time to enjoy it though, get familiar with your skills quick as there is literally an army of hobgoblins (plus their giant bear pets) to tear through before they kill the defenseless girl. It's an RP mission though so you don't really lose anything if you fail. Afterwards you have to go hunt lions/lionesses at the Cenae Meadows which is good practice if you haven't fought them yet.

Demonic Attacks
The "nightmare" phase begins here and starts with you assisting Waboka in fighting off demons which come in a variety of forms. All of them have no passive defenses though, and again you can make use of the vast space to snipe (or lance) everything. In addition Waboka goes for your target so if you hang back and take pot shots, he can do most of the wet work. Your main road blocks will be the trolls (unlikely), hollow knights (they have AR too), Arachne (who can summon burgundy multi-aggro spiders) and a Demilich who likes teleporting and casting high level chain lightining (the mini-liches are one hit trash mobs though). I recommend demi/trans especially for the last two.

Invasion of Cor
The demons are coming in force into the village now, but you have a lot of aid from the high level villagers. Indeed you can probably AFK in a safe spot and let them win this for you but I don't think they'll do it in time. Just pick your targets and let be the meat shields. Don't trans for the first two headlesses, you'll probably want it for the six Arguses or Demilich. Also, don't stand beside volatile zombies when they die (kaboom) and don't freak out too much about the ifrit at the end - the villagers will help you keep him stunned/knocked down. Also gold mask ghosts = snakes.

After all that comes the mysterious man who you must defeat solo. He summons monsters but doesn't himself attack, move or get knocked down. Simplest method for me was to hang back on a hill and magnum shot him with my ego bow, well out of the aggro range of his protectors.

Why do we need to save Shamala?
Seriously, you RP as her now and are technically on god-mode. Just follow the blue flowers and try learn the behaviour of the monsters for when you fight them as yourself.

Training Millia
After meeting this new NPC you have to help train her. First round is pretty straight forward (hope you remember how to fight skeletons and there's an ogre at the end), second round is trickier with the giant headlesses at the start and then the bone drakes and bone dragon at the end. Millia isn't as competent/useful in combat but she won't die. She will screw your combos though. The bone drakes/dragon move quick and teleport so range isn't that useful. I suggest demi/trans for them while you learn their AI. Alternatively they are super weak to snake poison (no idea why) so you can pet revolve them if you want as long as there is a snake in your stable.

Boar Hunting
LOL. Everything here has the AI of a pig (counter + defense only) until you reach the Sacrificial Pig (grendel) which has bear AI if the sound doesn't give it away. Just fight well and you won't need to use any tricks or transformations here.

Stupid Tribesmen
Somehow after helping all the Corians they think -you- are the bad guy. Oh well, kill them all - they behave for the most part like their demon counterparts with archers doing double aggro. Getting out of the town center is a good first move. Kusina has decent range with her bow but can still be outgunned. Tupai and Ruwai are a dangerous combo of stun-lock + summons so make sure you annihilate them (probably trans here) and quickly follow up by hunting down Kousai who has strong magic (FH works well). Waboka faces you last and alone and despite him having FH shouldn't be much of a challenge.

Escape from the deep dark Cave
Yeah I don't know WTF is going on. Just escape from the Solea caves. Despite being "enclosed" you still have tons of room (and time) to use range/pet revolve. Time your entry to be able to trans twice for easy mode since it's a long mission, otherwise slow and steady is the key. Bone drakes and another bone dragon await after the first false wall so snake em. Afterwards are more trash mobs until you get to the one hit light banshees and then the named banshee Elizabeth. She likes to teleport and fireball which is a stupid combo because you can windmill her out of her casting. FH works better, and as usual Demi/Trans to end the fight quicker.

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