Sunday, 30 June 2013

Devil's Tears

Having finished the awesomeness of Dishonored (where I ironically prefer the "bad" ending simply because my character lives) I've moved on to a different kind of awesome, the type that breaks logic - the type only found in Devil May Cry. I was very critical upon first hearing of this reboot with the "new" Dante but now that I actually have the game he is still just as snarky cool as his white haired version (whom I still prefer, but I can see how he can "grow" into that).

The city is more modern-techno and less modern-medieval (erm, what? redundancy detected :P) but it doesn't matter because half the time you'll be fighting the hordes of demons in limbo - an alternate plane that pretty much blows the Outsider's realm (from Dishonored) out of the water. Like in the previous titles there are long and very drawn out cutscenes that give the main narrative while the interactive part pretty much is just hacking, slicing, shooting and breaking everything in the world - but doing so with style (very important as it gives you more points to unlock more upgrades)!

As if Limbo wasn't broken enough...

It's a very fun game however I get the feeling that it is also going to be short duration wise because of its many difficulty locks which are supposed to encourage me to play the game over and over. There are also tons of hidden collectibles too but I'm not sure I'll be hunting them down here since limbo (and the camera controls) are a bit annoying to navigate with. Minor, minor drawback. In any case if you were steering clear simply because of the "new" Dante, don't. He grows on you quick, moves just as fluidly as he did previously, and is really good at making those devils cry.

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