Sunday, 1 July 2012

Surprises in the Swamp

My journal through Stalker Soup - a mega mod for Shadows of Chernobyl! You can follow the rest of the story here!

My reward for the defense task was that Fanatic could create a teleport from here to the Army Warehouses in the distant north. The only catch was that I had to bring him a laptop from lab x-18, where I had just come from in the Dark Valley. Yeah, maybe some other time. First I wanted to properly scout out the base to the south. There were many soldiers and they had a tank, as well as chopper support. While navigating terrain to try flank the place I came across a small path that lead to the next area: Swamp. Curious, I followed it and at a nearby ruins found a small squad of four Clear Sky stalkers who apparently control this territory. They asked my help in rescuing one of their dudes from a strong bandit position at a large church, and I agreed. I didn't realize they intended for me to go right now in the dead of night though. The commander stayed behind while his troops forged on ahead into the darkness, so I could do little but follow.

Quickly recognized that there were plant anomalies here that do -severe- bleeding damage and learned to avoid those, then about halfway to our destination gunfire erupts. The guys had run into an Izolm being eaten by something I'd never seen before. It looked like a towering, hairless and very ugly gray monkey. Oh crap, yes I have - I only realized it now as I type that.

It was a librarian from Metro 2033!

The creature ripped 2 of the soldiers into shreds and the third one simply bolted, leaving me to deal with it. Great. :/ Fortunately I was way too awesome and made sure it didn't even touch me as I emptied two clips from the Saiga into the freak. Once it was dead I hoofed it to catch up with soldier #3 only to find his bullet riddled corpse near the church. I took up position at the broken wall near his corpse and engaged the bandits from there and they put up a really good fight despite only being around 8 of them. There were 4 more, the strongest ones in exo armor, napping at the church once I managed to breach it. Had they come out I probably would have been in trouble, but since they didn't it was easy Saiga headshots all around. I rescued the captive once all hostiles were dead and we both made our way back to the first guy who gave me the location of the Clear Sky base. It was again through a teleporter at a distant farm. Geez, don't people just walk anymore?

Decided to try return to the previous mission with the military base in Cordon but when I returned from the swamp I must have gotten lost because I appeared in a mine field, within range of their guns and tank, and as soon as I returned fire they sent their helos to get me. With no choice I backtracked into the Swamp.

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