Wednesday, 18 July 2012

All-Guide Binder

This was orignially a post to put all the skill guides floating about into one place to make them easier to find, but thanks to J. Meyer, it seems someone called Ninjams had the same idea first! (Not updated for awhile though). This is mainly his list I am putting here as it doesn't hurt to have more than one place. If the authors of these wish me to remove the link please just let me know, alternatively if you know of more please leave a comment so I can add it! This post will probably keep growing as time goes on. To find the rest of my classes please see the binding post.


The G15 Trading System
Guide to shadow missions
Pet FAQ/guide
Saanis guide to Ant Hell (Connous Underground)

Shadow Wizard hard solo: A case study on massively multi-aggro handling
The warriors third hand: The role of pets in melee combat
Fundamentals of combat
Guide to your skill rank

Lag/computer optimization


Offensive Alchemy, By Naii
Alchemy 102 (who needs 101?)
Elfs powerful range attack, Final Shot
Defense to the extreme, Wind Guard

Using Windmill Effectively
A guide to ranking Windmill!
Windmillers' guide to breezing through Ciar advanced

Production Parties
How to rank the blacksmith skill :by Waui of Alexina
Meiyas blacksmithing guide and reference
How to rank the Enchant skill: by Zyrus
Potion Making, your fantasy (Sooni)
Sooni's guide to Refining
Sooni's guide to Tailoring
Herbalore, why don't you try it? Sooni
Paladins weaving FAQ
Yogurt's guide to trapping spiders behind obstacles
Sooni's guide to Weaving
Magitekkefka's guide to Cooking
Life skill guide: Refining
Kaxiyus music guide


Guide to Human Melee skill builds, equipments and enchants

Daisuke's archery guide

Zeo's Magic Skills Guide
The Royal Wizard!

Elven handbook: Everything you need to know about elves


The Guide to Winemaking
Inuri's/Emiles guide to Merchanting
How to play an elf for free in G15 (an equipment guide)
Guide to tax and fee evasion
How to get wool bags and farm holy water
Dungeon pass guide - the best methods

Spirit Weapons
Ego jewel feeding tables
G15 Ego Guide (Information on Capped Egos and Transfer)

Enchantment Sets
Second chance: The low hp build
The tragic hero
Enchanters set; By Pataterose
Cp Gear the key to Mabinogi!

Ninjam's guide to getting fat
Fathippos guide to being healthy

Pikablus short guide to getting a good IGN without having to use x's or numbers

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