Monday, 9 July 2012

UO Class: Wizardry

Tips for magic wielding psychopaths. Face it, if you're zapping, burning and exploding living creatures all with the power of your mind - there's something wrong with you. ;p To see the other available classes please visit the binding post!

Hard Cover:
If you are playing a true mage (robes, not armor) then archers are going to be your bane, at least until you can just blow them away in 1 shot. Always fight them in areas where you have hard cover to hide behind to heal up and time your spells. Remember they have to stop, aim and fire. You should be able to blast them and return to cover taking minimal return fire.

By the power vested in me:
Do not underestimate the power of the bless spells. Before combat or entering hostile territory it doesn't hurt to cast it on yourself and your allies. It will let both them and you take a bit more damage, giving you that last sliver of HP to heal or escape. Remember, 1 HP is all you need to live - so the more you have, the better it is. On some shards Polymorph has a similar (stackable with bless) effect on yourself for additional temporary points.

Take some time to Reflect:
Magic reflect that is. It will instantly protect you from one spell and deprive your enemy of the resources it took to cast it so try to always have it on. Think of it as your "reload" against mages when you duck behind hard cover too. It can lower your physical protection a little but if you are a true mage you probably shouldn't let anything get that close to you to begin with. It will make you more susceptible to arrows though. Enemy spellcasters may have this same spell active so be sure to fire something small to turn it "off" first.

Walled Advance:
A tactic my brothers developed to approach a large mass of enemy ranged units. Basically put up a wall of stone or 2. Advance to the wall of stone to scout. If you want to push forward some more, throw another wall or 2. Hostiles will not aggro you through the wall, they need line of sight, making it easier to scout. Furthermore when they do engage you already have some cover which will funnel them into managable numbers. If you suspect the wall is about to fall, or it actually does (bad if you're still there), withdraw and

The Gate Escape:
Especially useful for dangerous treasure chest spawns, simply mark the spot next to the chest then wander away preferably behind a few walls of stone. Open a gate and step through, right beside the box which you then "open" - triggering the spawn. Step back through the gate and now you can handle them at your own pace rather than being stuck in the thick of it.

Send them back to hell:
Dispel is another often overlooked talent. Sure it can shut gates, knock over walls and make holes in energy/poison fields but it can also insta-kill many summoned creatures that the higher level npc spellcasters tend to dish out. More so if you are in a team - the main enemy is the npc summoning all the stuff but even its death doesn't always equate that all his summons just go *poof* like in Skyrim. Rather than whittle down the summoned demon's HP or endure more chain lightning from the summoned air ele just send them back into nothingness. On all the shards I've travelled, summoned things never leave loot anyway - just headaches.

Or you know, you could do this...

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