Thursday, 12 July 2012

Gearing Up

My third Mabinogi lesson! To find what other classes are available please see the binding post. :)

At some point you will ask what is the best gear available to my character, and the answer really lies in the character itself. You start off with a pretty decent basic weapon depending on your race that has very low repair fees. I suggest hanging onto them as long as you can because no other weapon will be as cost-effective. If you were given an Eiry, then she is also a decent weapon but she will be taken from you sooner rather than later. For newbie humans I recommend moving onto dual wooden blades (or wooden blade/practice short sword) then eventually bastard swords or gladius/gladii (if you can afford it). Elves you will eventually need a long bow for decent range while giants will want to swap for dual blunts or a lance and shield combo later to play to their strengths.

Most equipment can be modified as it gains proficiency to be better tailored to suit your needs so you should upgrade and enchant your gear to what you can best use and afford, and this will probably take some researching on the wiki to suit your character and taste. As an example I still carry around a pair of plain 222 broadswords whose stats are as follows:

Attack: 0 - 73
Critical: 30%
Balance: 21%
Durability: 7

Balance is the important stat here as it dictates what range the damage will be most of the time. For melee and ranged weapons this maxes out at 80%, which my character surpasses easily with his high dexterity (every 4 points of Dex gives 1% balance), Combat Mastery (Rank 1 gives 15%) and Sword Mastery (Rank 1 gives 15%). Without taking strength or anything else into consideration, I would do around 58 points (give or take) damage per hit. The same sword given to a clumsy (1 dex), and untrained newbie (no mastery) and he would be doing around 15 points of damage per hit. For him it would be a totally inefficient weapon, so be smart when upgrading your gear.

Also available are ego weapons. Imbued with a spirit (a cute, violent one) it will, over time, turn a stock standard weapon into a very powerful tool of destruction. As such, you can have only one (at a time). It will cost you though - either with time, gold or real money. The stronger the weapon gets, the faster it gets hungry and the more it will want expensive stuff. It also cannot be "blessed", which means it will deteriorate at the standard rate. Keep this in mind before you ego a small dagger that needs to swing lots of times.

Don't be afraid to use this.

Armor and clothing on the other hand is pretty much just a matter of taste. There's a fair bit of variety out there so it just comes down to what you like and what you can afford.

What do I carry?
Currently a pair of 222 broadswords, a kite shield (for times I really need to parry or charge) and an ego longbow who I only pull out when the situation calls for it (which is becoming more and more common with the dungeons I run). I started out with twin wooden blades though, then moved up to dual bastard swords before getting enough dex to use the modified broadswords. I like being cheap. I also carry over a dozen potions that I make myself because I don't like dying. ;p

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