Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Becoming the Dark Knight

Sometime after human characters complete G3 you will be able to start the Path of the Dark Knight quest, and here are some quick tips on getting through it.

Unfortunately it's less Batman and more Venom.

Ciar - Again
You'll meet blue ratmen and burgundy sickle laghodesas now, they are a tiny bit stronger than their counterparts you have previously faced but the main difference is they multi aggro. Windmill is a good option on taking out these things quickly.

That Cursed Armor
After a solo trip into Rabbie and revisiting Albey in TNN you should have the completed set of armor. The black wizard will try trick you in getting you to "taste" the power before you decide. This is a lie. If you do that, then your decision is made and you -will- become a dark knight (you can delay it though). If you want to destroy it and stay a paladin you must go to Tarlach -before- running Barri RP. People that opt to don the dark armor cannot revert, ever. Paladins can however, later change their mind and change later on.

Dark Knight in Barri (as Ruairi)
Regardless of your choice you get to try out the dark knight skills as Ruairi in the RP dungeon. He is even more overpowered than before with the transformation and even the ogre warriors at the end should pose no problems for you.

Black or White
As a quick comparison to help you decide:

Paladins gain a fixed amount of Str, Will, Dex (based on paladin skill ranks). Ideal for melee and ranged people. Will is especially handy for the Fighter knuckle skills.

Dark Knights gain a random amount of Str, Int, Dex. Compared to a paladin of the same level, one will be higher, one will be lower and one will be equal. More deal for mages due to INT gain. They also get an additional skill that lets them "control" a monster for a short period.

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