Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Drive and Draw

My journal through Stalker Soup - a mega mod for Shadows of Chernobyl! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Fired maybe 6 grenades, killing a patrolling soldier or two while "ranging" the tank before I heard the ominous sound of a helo inbound. I bolted for the village and made it to cover just in time with gunfire and rocket explosions hot on my heels. While waiting anxiously for the overhead death dealer to depart I began hearing radio chatter and soon enough, gunfire from outside. The military boys were on the attack. I could only kill two of them when their air support left, presumably to refuel. To the credit of the village stalkers, they managed to kill all the attackers though they also suffered heavy losses. After a quick cleanup (looting) I resumed the attack, this time managing to explode the annoying tank before the helo again came chasing after me.

This time I managed to find cover where I could still shoot at it, and after a clip from my rifle they were panicked enough to flee the area - freeing me to more openly engage the next wave of foot soldiers. One of the military guys got a lucky grenade in and killed a whole bunch of defenders but I managed to put him down. Fanatic was also shooting crazily at what seemed to be empty space. Turns out I was wrong. Upon closer inspection I found the bodies of two camo-exo soldiers who had a similar "invisibility" like the Predator alien.

He's shy.

They were also using strange amalgous irradiated weapons that I sold pretty quickly. The once bustling village was now reduced to 4 or 5 residents (not counting Sid). I figured the military base should be at around the same state, so I went to have a look and found one more guard who I sniped and... a second tank. Damnit. I fired my remaining grenades at it but it was still operational, so I probably only damaged its tracks. Still it was positioned in such a way that I could navigate around it, hiding below its firing line (through a mine field) and sprinting in the small open sections to reach the base proper. This ploy worked out just fine and I managed to retrieve Sid's documents from the now empty base and return them to him with relative safety. He then tasked me with getting it decyphered up at Bar so with most my major tasks leading there I began my march back "up".

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